Concept Guides Apps

5 years of experience in the mobile industry
10 years of experience in the IT and web industry
25 years of experience in the design and advertising industry

Concept Maniax has developed Concept Guides, one of the most advanced tourism mobile platforms worldwide. We have successfully launched our mobile apps in several international destinations – UK, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus, and our goal is to further expand Concept Guides.

Currently we are developing a hotel mobile application platform that will offer added value to the user and increase revenue stream by enhancing hotel branding and promotion of its non-core services.

Moreover we have developed our own CMS (Content Management System) that synchronizes content to an iOS mobile app, an Android mobile app and a web portal. So you have your content served in your mobile apps and your web portal without having to update content in different platforms.

Every project is important to us irrespective of its size. Our vision is to be ahead of our time by undertaking innovative projects that will make our world a better place.
We believe that the only way to get there is with great people and by continuously investing in them.
We are unique in everything we do and we stand out among the top companies in our field. Our goal is to help our clients do the same.