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Join our travel guide apps franchise network and build a successful business

The competitive advantages of our travel guide apps:

  1. The applications, being Native, are faster and better integrated with the device; the user not requiring internet access. As all data is stored within the application, the users do not require access to 3G/roaming bandwidth.
  2. Clean design and intuitive user interface
  3. Fast deployment for quick return on investment
  4. Continuously expanding features in order to stand out of the competition
  5. Advanced filtering of the information so that the user can easily find what he is looking for.
  6. Filtered resorts can be pinned on a map. The user can see its GPS position and the results in a map in order to make the right selection.
  7. Users get directions on how to reach all POIs in the guide.
  8. Connection with social media
  9. Users can add places and POIs to their favorites tab and thus build their trip plan
  10. Well build and feature rich company-places ads -specifically designed to help users get the right info and also help you attract business advertisements.
  11. We have developed the concept of a travel guide that gives users a suggested holiday plan for a period e.g. 1-7 days holiday plan. This is among the users’ most highly valued features.
  12. We have designed and developed specific layouts for general travel information that add to the user experience
  13. We support multiple languages.
  14. Synchronize database to get updated content
  15. Multi-platform support (Android and iOS)
  16. All Android phones and tablets are supported
  17. All iPhones and iPads running iOS 6 or higher are supported.
  18. Complete marketing plan in order to reach users through multiple channels

Start your franchise:

  1. Fill out the form below and express your interest for a specific city or region. We will check the availability and reply to you.
  2. We agree upon the customizations of your mobile application and we sign a franchise agreement.
  3. We design the application and all the marketing material :
    • Business cards
    • Brochure for selling advertising space
    • Brochure for end users
    • Letterhead
    • e-mail signature
    • Web-site promoting the application
    • Facebook page and one facebook competition application per year
  4. You start selling and we give you access to the content management.
  5. When complete we publish your travel guide application to the application stores.

Multiple revenue generation options offered
Earn money from every company (place) that is listed in the application and offer the application for free to the application stores.
Offer free listing for companies and attract sponsors (e.g. one per category). Offer the app for free to the end user

Travel Guide Applications’ franchise pricing model

We offer two different models of pricing to help you kick start your business.
Depending on your business model you pay either:

1. A small franchise fee upon signing the agreement and then a fixed amount for every company advertised (listed) in the application. Every year you pay a fixed price for every company listed in the application.
2. A fixed franchise fee every year irrespective of the number of advertized companies.

Every year you pay an amount to retain the franchise and receive:
● New features
● Compatibility with future devices e.g. retina displays, bigger screens, etc.
● Compatibility with new versions of the operating systems e.g. iOS 8, Android 5, etc.
● Fix bugs and ensure smooth operation
● Marketing promotion and consulting

We have successfully launched our mobile apps in several international destinations and our goal is to further expand Concept Guides. Are you interested in starting a “Concept Guide” franchise business in your location and you need more info?

Fill out the form below and send us your inquiry. We will contact you within 48 hours to address your questions.

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