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Concept Guides designs and develops your white label travel guide app and web portal. Take advantage of one of the most advanced tourism mobile platforms worldwide. Main advantages of our white label platform are:

  • custom made solution and fully rebranded design according to your needs
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast deployment for quick return on investment
  • Multiple revenue generation options offered
  • rich functionality in order to stand out of the competition
  • Advanced content management system (CMS) in order to renew content in your mobile app and web portal
  • Competitive prices and support plans

We have the technical and marketing know how to help you launch your own travel application.

Our four step process is the following:
1. We analyze your needs and make a cost and time estimation for your app.
2. We design the logo (if different from your company’s logo), and customized graphics based on your instructions as regards brand and destination. Our in-house creative department will design 2 alternative options for you to choose. Every aspect of the application is fully customized to your needs. We use your logo, colors and other graphical elements to maximize your brand’s visibility.
3. We develop your customized application. Our developers extensively test your application’s technical aspects as well as user interaction and responsiveness. The application is sent for review, further to which the application is installed in your device and every aspect is verified.
4. Access is granted for content upload. When this process is complete we upload the app to the app stores.

white-label-travel-guide-app-development-laconia-guide-home white-label-travel-guide-app-development-laconia-guide-listing white-label-travel-guide-app-development-laconia-guide-company
Laconia Guide - Travel guide developed for Pelo Guides

Concept Guides platform is a “White Label” mobile solution for:
● Tourist Boards
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● Destinations Marketing Organizations (DMO)
● Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
● Travel Publishers
● Business in the Tourist Industry
● People seeking to start their own business in tourism
● Organizations seeking to expand their existing business without the start-up costs involved.

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