Why tourism boards should consider getting a mobile travel application?

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It is without a doubt that travelers are among the leading users of mobile devices when they look for information regarding the destinations they visit. The vast majority of them have already replaced printed travel guides with travel mobile apps as they offer more interactive, media-rich (photos, video, sounds), direct and up-to-date sources of information.

This new communication channel allows tourism boards to promote their destinations and interact with travelers in a more engaging and direct way, which ultimately increases travellers’ satisfaction. Therefore, a mobile travel app represents a long-term asset and a powerful marketing tool for a tourism board.

Concept Maniax has developed Concept Guides, one of the most advanced tourism mobile platforms worldwide, aiming to satisfy present and future needs within the travel market. Our mobile application, being Native and 100% offline, is faster and better integrated with the device, allowing the user to have access to all information at all times without the need of internet access, thus avoiding expensive roaming costs.

We have developed a great range of capabilities and features for our platform, but each mobile app can be customized to your needs.


Concept Guides main features at a glance

20150218-conceptguides-icons-final-03Travelers can download the application containing all the latest information and have it with them at all times within a hand’s reach. They also avoid roaming charges when using a native application, as all information is available offline.

20150218-conceptguides-icons-final-01Interactive mobile travel guides vs. static printed guides (or maps) provide instant access to most up-to-date information, enable direct communication through users’ social media, and ultimately lead to greater traveller satisfaction and better user experience.

20150218-conceptguides-icons-final-02Through a native mobile app tourism boards are able to provide users with travel information related to their current GPS location, e.g. finding the closest restaurant, getting the directions to it, and much more.

20150218-conceptguides-icons-final-04Present the beauty of a destination by using media rich content. Native apps provide exceptional user experience by using photos, videos and audio.

20150218-conceptguides-icons-final-05Push notification messaging offered by our mobile applications is a powerful tool that enables tourism boards to keep in touch with travelers even after leaving the destination, thus enhancing and prolonging the interaction and the relationship with the destination.

Travelers and tourism boards in the mobile era. A tailor-made approach by Concept Maniax.